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"Minin' and 'Shinin' in Kentucky - come explore our rich heritage!"

Kentucky State HOG® Rally - Minin' and Shinin'

Kentucky has a long history of coal mining and moonshining - especially in Southeastern Kentucky. Generations of eastern Kentuckians scratched out a living for their families by working deep in the underground mines, dangerous work for sure. And of course, there is a long notoriety of Kentucky moonshine being made back in the mountain hollows (or "hollers" as is the 'proper' pronunciation!) to make a few dollars selling the popular corn likker. Although these two endeavors are fading away, the history lives on in the beautiful Commonwealth of Kentucky. Come ride with us to see the gorgeous scenery of Southeastern Kentucky and to discover much more than minin' and shinin' - lots of historical sites, lakes, and more twisty roads than you can ever imagine! Rally rides and events are still being developed, so be sure to check back every few days for updates. The 2013 Rally was held here and was given very positive comments regarding all there is to see and do in the area. We aim to make the 2015 Rally even better, so be sure to include the 2015 KY HOG Rally on your list of "MUST DO" items!

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Jun 4 - 6, 2015

London, KY

Apr 16, 2015